WanaCrypt0r Ransomware – URGENT News

WanaCrypt0r Ransomware is a computer worm that encrypts information on an infected computer and attached drives and demands a ransom to recover the data. In the past 24 hours this worm has been spotted in almost 100 countries with tens of thousands of reported infections. The infections have been reported in hospitals, large corporations, banks, and utilities.

What can you do with old computers and electronics?

I am often asked what can be done with old computers and other electronics. You shouldn’t throw things like that away, most electronics contain some amounts of not so environmentally friendly materials. Well I have good news, you can take your old used up electronics to TECH and recycle them, free of charge! The recycling program is called e-Cycle and is a free service provided by TECH. The e-Cycle program is even available for both residential and commercial customers. TECH accepts most electronics free of charge, but there are few items that they charge a small fee for, such as old style CRT monitors. Take a look at the list below to see just some of the items that TECH accepts. Be sure to checkout TECH’s website for a complete list of items that they do and do not accept.

Announcing Residential Maintenance Plans

I am happy to announce that we now offer residential maintenance plans! So what exactly is a maintenance plan? I am happy to announce that we now offer residential maintenance plans! So what exactly is a maintenance plan? A maintenance plan basically means that we will make sure that your computer is always in tip top shape, and stop potential problems before they start. There is a small low impact program that gets installed on your computer. Once our software is installed on your computer, it will begin monitoring your system health, and alert you whenever it detects a problem.

We are now partnered with Datto!

I am excited to announce that OurNerd is now partnered with datto! This new partnership allows OurNerd to provide, industry leading, business continuity backup solutions to our customers.

BEWARE of E-Mail Attachments.

This is just a quick reminder. Do NOT ever open e-mail attachments, unless you personally know who the sender is. Even if you do know the sender, do not open the attachment unless you were expecting it. In fact, I would recommend not ever opening an attachment to an email.

Layers of backups

Let me tell you a true story that happened a few weeks ago. A customer of ours called with an issue with their Quickbooks data. Their company file had become corrupted and, unfortunately, their Qiuckbooks backup was out of date.

All hosted sites are now SSL secured!

We are happy to announce that all websites hosted by OurNerd now included SSL encryption! This means that all of the websites hosted by us, are transmitted securely to your visitors.

Crypto Viruses, What you Need to Know

Back in 2013 a new type of virus was discovered called "CryptoLocker". CryptoLocker was a virus propagated mostly though email attachments. Once a user ran the attachment, the virus would encrypt all of the personal documents and pictures on that user's computer, then it would ask for a ransom to be paid to unlock the encrypted files. Ever…

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