The REAL cost of a “low cost” computer.

So, its time to purchase another computer for the office? It is important to consider if that low cost big box special is really the best solution for your business needs. Let’s take a look at a few important factors to consider before purchasing a new computer.

We are now partnered with Datto!

I am excited to announce that OurNerd is now partnered with datto! This new partnership allows OurNerd to provide, industry leading, business continuity backup solutions to our customers.

Computer crashed, what exactly does that mean?

We have all heard it, or perhaps, even said it, "my computer crashed!!!". What exactly does that mean? Did the computer literally drive out of your house, run the stop sign at the corner and run into another computer out on a joy ride? I mean, we all know computers have a mind of their…

Cost comparison, repair or replace?

What is your stance on your computer investments? Do you believe in maintaining and repairing your computers or simply buying a new computer every time one acts up?  What if I told you that replacing computers instead of replacing them is costing you hundreds of dollars that you could be saving? Lets take a look at an example.…

Backup, Backup, Backup!

Lets start by asking a question. What would you do right now if your computer suddenly crashed while you were reading this post? Would you PANIC and come to tears, or would you not worry because you know you have a current backup? If you said, PANIC, then you need to take steps right away…

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