There is a lot of software out there to help you accomplish any task you can think of, but how do you know what is the best to use? Well here is a list of software that I use, and most of this software is free.

Web Browsers


  • Clementine, alternative to iTunes
  • MusicBee, another alternative to iTunes
  • Amazon Music, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you need to check this out!
  • VLC (VideoLAN), this is media player can play almost any audio or video file
  • Paint.NET, similar to Photoshop, but its free!
  • XnView, recently Google announced they are no longer developing Picasa, this is a good alternative.
  • Greenshot, this software makes taking screenshots in Windows very easy and allows you to edit the screenshots.


  • Foxit Reader, this is a much better and free alternative to Adobe Reader
  • LibreOffice, this is a free compatible replacement to Microsoft Office
  • Office 365, if you are not a fan of Libre Office, you can’t beat Office 2016/365
  • Google Drive, free, capable, online office suite
  • Thunderbird, a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook, and Windows Live Mail


Cloud Storage and Backup


  • Steam, excellent system where you can purchase almost any game.
  • GOG Galaxy, similar to Steam, except it is DRM free!


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