OurNerd Residential Maintenance Plans

Basic Package

Includes a Windows application for communicating with OurNerd at any time, and desktop notifications whenever an issue is detected. This is a free service to our customers to help you contact us, if your computer ever acts up.

Protection Package

Includes the Basic Package features, plus 24/7 monitoring of your computer’s health, and Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus managed by OurNerd. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected by the best AV solution on the market, and that we are constantly monitoring the health of your computer!

Protection Plus Package

Includes the Protection Package features, plus automatic and secure online backup of all of your data. The backup is provided by Carbonite, and allows you to access your backed up files from anywhere using the free Carbonite phone apps.

* Discount only available 30 days after starting service.


What does the software do?

Once our software is installed on your computer, it will begin monitoring your system health, and alert you whenever it detects a problem. The free version will allow you to request service from OurNerd right from your computer. The paid versions will alert OurNerd if there is a problem, and we will contact you to setup an appointment to fix the issue.

What information is collected?

The information collected by our application is directly related to your system, such as hardware information, application crash information, and hard drive health information. No personal information is collected, except for the information you enter into the program during installation. This information is only used to allow us to contact you and to identify your computer in our software.

Is any information provided to third parties?

Information collected is used to give OurNerd an idea of how healthy your computer is, and if you need help. Your personal information is not shared with any third parties.

Does OurNerd have remote access to my computer and files?

Yes, we do not have unattended access to your computer and files. However, you will be alerted whenever we connected to your computer and we can also provide you with a log of remote connections. OurNerd respects your privacy and will only connect to your device with your permission.

Can I cancel my service at anytime?

Our service plans are available on a month to month basis, and can be canceled at anytime. The only exception is the Carbonnite online backup. Carbonite service is an annual service, and can only be canceled at the end of the subscription period.

Is this service available to businesses?

This specific service is available only to residential customers. However, we do offer a similar service for business customers you can find out more information on that service here: https://www.ournerd.com/commercial-service/managed-it/

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