Over the past few weeks I have been seeing a large increase in the amount of Remote Support Scams. These types of scams have been around for years, but this new variety is more aggressive. What happens is a window opens up and claims that your computer is infected and to call a number to get the problem fixed remotely, there is also an accompanying audio message. Usually you are not able to close the message.


Do NOT call the number, just close the window. If you can’t close the Window, reboot your computer. If the message comes back after you reboot, then I would recommend contacting us, so we can thoroughly clean your computer.

This is not just affecting Windows machines, Mac machines are also getting these popups. Microsoft and Apple do NOT directly contact you about issues on your computer, and they do NOT hire companies to do it for them. Never give anyone remote control of your computer, unless you contacted them first, and know you can trust them.

Please share this information with all of your friends, family, and colleagues. The best defense for these scams is educating everyone to be aware of them.

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