Are you constantly switching back and forth between multiple programs? Well if you don’t have multiple monitors, which I HIGHLY recommend, you can achieve a similar result using Windows Snap. Windows Snap is a feature introduced in Windows 7 that allows you to quick snap two windows side by side. This is very helpful if you are writing a document that requires referencing, say a spreadsheet. You can snap the two windows next to each other so you don’t need to keep switch back and forth. The screenshot below shows what this looks like.


There are two ways to snap windows. The first, and quickest, way is to tap the Windows and an arrow key corresponding the side of the screen you want your window on. Then click your second window and do the same shortcut with the opposite arrow.


You can also use the mouse to enable Windows Snap. Move your mouse to the top of the first window you want to snap. Now click and hold the left mouse button, and move the window to the edge of the screen you want the window on. When you get to the very edge of the screen you should see an empty box fill half of your screen, when you see that happen, let go of the mouse button. Now repeat that process for your other window.

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