Why good backups are important.

Computers infected with Ransomware (daily)

Laptops Stolen (daily)


Likelihood that your hard drive will crash?

OurNerd’s Cloud Based Backup

OurNerd’s computer backup service provides the 3-2-1 backup solution you need, all in one setup, for both home and business computers. OurNerd backup not only saves your data to a local storage device*, but also backups your data to our secure cloud servers. Once setup, you don’t have to do anything, the backup is fully automated and monitored by OurNerd. Our backup service is also fully encrypted.

*Optional feature, one time $130 fee.

Why is backing up important?

Lets start by asking a question. What would you do right now if your computer suddenly crashed while you were reading this page? Would your heart skip beat, panic would start to set in then, and then you would come to tears? If so, then you need to take steps right away to start a consistent and reliable back strategy.

What is the best backup solution?

OurNerd recommends having at least one back up of your data, that is updated at least once a week. However, for the best protection you should be running two or more backups, every day. One local backup, and one backup off site. A local backup could be anything from a writable CD to an external hard drive. An offsite backup could be anything that is stored in a completely different location, preferably at least a few miles away. This type of backup is also know as a 3-2-1 backup.

Take your backups to the next level with Business Continuity.

Having good backups is critical for all business and homes. However, these days just having a backup is not good enough for your business. When it comes to your business you not only have to worry about having backups of your data, but you have to think about how long it takes to recover from a data loss. Business Continuity takes regular backups to the next level, by allowing you to get back up and running in almost no time, no matter what kind of data loss you suffer.

If you own a business you owe it to yourself to checkout our Business Continuity solutions.


Automatic Backup to Cloud
Remote Restore
Local Copy (Optional)
Per Desktop/Laptop/Month$15.00
Per Server/Month$60.00

Is the backup unlimited?

While the backup is not technically “unlimited” it does have enough storage to backup each single device.

Is the backup secure?

Yes, your backups are backed using end-to-end encryption. All backups are encrypted on site, then transferred over secure connections and stored encrypted in the cloud. Data gets decrypted during a recovery at the business’s site.

Do I have to purchase the external drive for backups?

No, the local backup is optional. The local backup makes restoration faster and also provides you with the 3-2-1 backup type, but it is not required.

Protect your data now!


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