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OurNerd Email packs a complete personal information management system into a compact, easy-to-use interface. Business email users have different needs and requirements than personal users. Email clients like Gmail or Yahoo are great for staying in touch with friends and family, but when your business relies on email, you need more.

Feature Overview

  • Use our easy webmail or a desktop program like Outlook or Thunderbird
  • Access mail on your smart phone
  • View/share/edit users’ calendars (webmail)
  • Share calendars outside of your company with iCal® support (webmail)
  • Easy, user-controlled undelete feature recovers purged email for up to two weeks (webmail)
  • Maintain and track task lists (webmail)
  • Create group contacts lists (webmail)
  • Companywide contact lists (webmail)
  • 25GB mailboxes
  • 50MB attachments (about 500 JPEG images)
  • Mail filtering controls and enhanced searching
  • Optional Mobile Sync for Hosted Email
    • Synchronize Contacts to your smartphone
    • Synchronize Calendars to your smartphone

Advanced Anti-Spam and Virus Filtering

Spam used to be annoying. Now, it’s dangerous. Currently, one out of every 291 emails contains a virus*. Email is now the leading entry point for network threats like viruses, Trojans, and worms. Lost productivity from checking and deleting spam and the expense of rallying the IT department to fix and recover lost data costs over $20 billion a year**.

With OurNerd E-Mail, you get exceptional support and affordable, feature-rich business email and the strongest threat detection structure in the industry. Before a message enters your mailbox, it undergoes four independent, threat blocking scans:

  • Threat Blocker #1: Our Gatekeeper Scan. Gatekeeper scans to evaluate a message’s compliance with rigorous, internationally recognized technical standards. Messages are also checked against aggregated blacklists of known spam offenders.
  • Threat Blocker #2: Message Sniffer. Utilizing user feedback and enhanced pattern matching, Message Sniffer annihilates over 98% of spam in real time.
  • Threat Blocker #3: Cloudmark Advanced Fingerprinting. Combining advanced message fingerprinting and the Global Threat Network, Cloudmark’s comprehensive system not only stops spam and phishing attempts; it also accurately identifies and annihilates viruses.
  • Threat Blocker #4: Clam AV. Incorporating a three-layer virus scan on all incoming messages, Clam AV targets deceptive measures senders use to mask viruses, compares the message against known virus definitions, and evaluates attachments for possible viruses.

These protections are free with every mailbox you add.


More Storage, Less Frustration

25GB Mailboxes

Our goal is to take storage out of the equation. That’s why we offer users huge, 25 or 100GB mailboxes. No longer will users have to worry about cleaning out and archiving their mailboxes to prevent running out of storage space. With 25GB of data storage space on our hosted email solution, your users can keep their emails in their account without deleting them. This helps users to create an effective archive of work activity. It also provides an excellent way to manage and retrieve information about past projects, decisions, and emailed conversations.

50MB Attachments

We want to be sure that your users aren’t limited by file size limitations when they’re sending an attachment. OurNerd e-Mail supports up to 50 MB attachments on incoming or outgoing email. Users can send and receive important attachments without concern for file size limitations.

With a 50MB attachment limit, your users could send or receive*:

  • A 1,000 page Microsoft Word document
  • 200 slides in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • 500 JPEG images
  • A 500 page Adobe PDF file

* Illustrative estimate—Actual numbers depend on the size of a given file(s).

Any Device, Any Computer, all Secured

OurNerd Email supports all standard email protocols, like POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. This allow you to check and send email via desktop email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird, plus wireless devices like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. This means you can use your favorite email apps while using our service.


IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is another popular way to access email messages. With IMAP, messages and folders are always stored on the mail server. When users access their email, they are working directly with these messages. This means that any updates made to the email, such as moving, flagging, or marking a message as unread, is stored on the server. IMAP is a convenient option for users who need to access their email online from multiple clients at multiple computers or locations. Our IMAP server supports IMAP IDLE, which provides real-time push support for IMAP applications, alerting you the second you have new mail… which makes it very powerful for users on the go.

OurNerd Recommends using IMAP for all users, instead of POP


Post Office Protocol (Version 3) is what most users need and use today. POP3 is a client/server protocol in which email is received and held on a mail server. Periodically, you check for mail on that server and then download it to your email client. POP3 is the standard protocol built into practically every email client. This method is well-suited for users that don’t want to store email messages online.

OurNerd Recommends using IMAP for all users, instead of POP

SSL and TLS Encryption

We provide SSL and TLS encryption for POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and the Webmail client. This encrypts your data so that others cannot view it. Our servers also support opportunistic TLS, which allows your incoming and outgoing email data to be encrypted as it travels through the internet.

While your email is encrypted on our servers, we can not guarantee that it will remain encrypted all the way to your recipient. OurNerd does NOT recommend sending any sensitive information via any email service.

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