Cost comparison, repair or replace?What is your stance on your computer investments? Do you believe in maintaining and repairing your computers or simply buying a new computer every time one acts up?  What if I told you that replacing computers instead of replacing them is costing you hundreds of dollars that you could be saving? Lets take a look at an example.


You have a computer that is about 2 years old that you spent about $650 on. It has been a good computer, but lately it has been working very slowly, and randomly locks up or reboots.


You run to your local big box store and buy a brand new computer that is on sale for a bargain of $400. Hey it was $250 cheaper than your old one, right? Well lets look at this in more detail. Your new computer probably has Windows Home, and low end CPU, while your old computer has Windows Professional and a technically better processor. Also, what about all of your programs, documents, email, contacts, pictures, settings, bookmarks, etc? You either have to spend time figuring out how to transfer that information, have someone transfer it for you ($80+), or just forget about all of that information. Your bargain computer actually ends up being a very costly ordeal, if in just your time alone.

What if you had someone, say me, come in and check out your computer? Your computer most likely needs a simple cleanup, which would cost you $80 – $160 and less than 2 hours of downtime. I am not a math expert, but I do know that even at $160, you still spent $240 less, and have much less of a headache.Cost comparison, repair or replace?

Of course its not always that simple, maybe your computer is older and not worth repairing, or perhaps repairing your old computer is as simple as blowing out the cooling fans. This is why it is good to have someone who knows your equipment, and that you trust, who can advise you on the best course of action.


Lets look at some other cost examples:

  • Average cost of a computer, with Windows Pro, and good speed (no monitor): $650
  • Average cost to replace a bad power supply: $130
  • Average cost to replace a failed hard drive:  $210
  • Average cost to install 8GB of RAM (big performance increase): $130
  • Average cost to install 8GB of RAM and a SSD (massive performance increase): $300

Final Thoughts

Cost comparison, repair or replace?
As you can see, buying a new computer every time your current one acts up, is not necessarily the most cost effective solution. In fact if the computer you currently have was a nicely specked machine when you purchased it, it should last at least 5 years, and probably a lot longer with a few minor upgrades and good service. So before you run out and replace that machine, you should give me a call, and I can help you determine your most cost effective solution. After all, we all like to save money when we can, right?

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