Billing Policy

Our Nerd believes in being up front about our rates and charges.  Our Nerd will always charge its customers fairly.  We believe in helping our customers with all of their technology needs without taking advantage of them.

Commercial Service$79 / hr
Commercial Service (for HIPAA)$99 / hr
Church and Non Profit Service$50 / hr
Web design / maintenance$40 / hr
Residential Flat Rate Service$99
Emergency Rate*$158 / hr

All of your billing records can be accessed and paid via our secure website.  In order to keep our prices down all billing will be handled via our website and e-mail.  Paper billing is available upon request for a small per invoice charge of $2.00.

All invoices will be due within 10 days of invoice date, unless previous arrangements have been made. All charges for commercial and non-profit work will be invoiced after work is completed and is due within 10 days of invoice date.

Residential charges are due upon completion of work. Service is billed in hour increments with a one hour minimum. For customers outside the city of Hutchinson, we bill based on door to door time. Billing starts when we leave our door and ends when we return to our door. There are no travel or gas surcharges

*Emergency rate is charged when service is required during non business hours, or when on site service is required in less than 4 hours from notification.  Our Nerd will let you know in advance when emergency rate will apply. – The Accounting Nerd


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