This is just a quick reminder. Do NOT ever open e-mail attachments, unless you personally know who the sender is. Even if you do know the sender, do not open the attachment unless you were expecting it. In fact, I would recommend not ever opening an attachment to an email, until you contact the sender to confirm that they sent you the e-mail with the attachment.

Also be aware that the spam folder is not always 100% accurate, and anti-spam won’t always catch spam and viruses. Just because a message is not in your spam folder does not necessarily mean its safe to open.

The most common way people get Crypto Viruses/Ransomware is by opening infected attachments. A crypto virus is one of the worst viruses you can get, because if you don’t have good backups, you most likely will loose your data. As always, if you need any help cleaning a system, send me a message, and I can help you out.

The image below shows some examples of messages that would not be safe to open.

Ransomware Example Emails

Please share this post with as many people as you can. The best defense against these threats is education. The more people are aware of the danger, and know how to avoid it, the better!


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