I am happy to announce that we now offer residential maintenance plans! So what exactly is a maintenance plan? A maintenance plan basically means that we will make sure that your computer is always in tip top shape, and stop potential problems before they start. There is a small low impact program that gets installed on your computer. Once our software is installed on your computer, it will begin monitoring your system health, and alert you whenever it detects a problem. The free version will allow you to request service right from your computer. The paid versions will alert me if there is a problem, and I will contact you to setup an appointment to fix the issue, if it can’t be fixed remotely.

Not only do maintenance plans give you peace of mind, they also give you a discount on any service that needs to be performed on your computer.

There are three versions available. The free version simply alerts you of any problems and allows you to contact me directly from the program. I then arrange a time to service your computer. The paid options report your system health directly to me and alert me if there are any problems. If the problem can’t be fixed remotely, I will arrange a service call with you. The paid options also include industry leading anti-virus and anti-malware protection, so you no longer have to worry about expired protection. There is also optional online backup that securely backs up your computer to ensure you never loose any important information.


Let us worry about keeping your computer running smoothly.

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